Are you looking to hire a skip from a reliable firm? Are you based in Charnock Richard?

Adlington Skip Hire services can be used by a variety of customers from domestic to commercial, regardless of your needs! Are you looking for somewhere to keep dispose of construction material or household rubbish? Then you need to consider Adlington Skip Hire for all your waste disposal needs in and around the Charnock Richard area.

Our skips come in a wide range of sizes so there is always an option no matter what your waste disposal needs are. The smallest skips that we have available to hire are our 2-yard skips, these tend to be ideal for domestic purposes. For industrial skip hire, we suggest using our range of skips starting at the 12-yard and up to our 40-yard skip – it simply depends on your business size and the amount of waste your project will require.

Adlington Skip Hire provides commercial skips for the purpose of storing waste on the premises. We also offer a free delivery and collection service; it is possible for us to arrange delivery on the same day as your enquiry or the following day if urgency is necessary.

Fast delivery. What’s the catch?

Truthfully, there isn’t one! We provide you with a free quote upfront, before we deliver our commercial and domestic skips, with no hidden costs, ensuring you can trust in the reliable and reputable services that we offer!

Plus, by delivering your skip at a time that suits you best, we cut down on the time you’d have to spend travelling to dispose of your waste at recycling centres or tipping facilities – increasing the efficiency of your projects completion time.

If you’re looking for skip hire in the Charnock Richard and the surrounding area, then why not request a free quote from Adlington Skip Hire today!

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The way in which the contents of your skip will be disposed of will depend on the materials from which they are made, as well as their condition.

When you use our skip hire services in Charnock Richard and the surrounding areas, you can rest assured that Adlington Skip hire will always try to find the most environmentally friendly means of disposing of your waste.

Unfortunately, once they have been assigned a certain purpose, there are some materials that cannot ever be re-formed, split into basic components or re-used. Depending on their nature, these materials may need to be incinerated or sent to landfill if there is no greener way to dispose of them.

However, the team providing our Charnock Richard skip hire services will always ensure that as much waste as possible is able to be recycled. We carefully process all items placed in our skip to ensure that all reusable materials can be separated and put to use.

Recyclable materials include scrap metal - which in itself can be divided into subcategories such as ferrous and non-ferrous, timber and even topsoil from the garden, which can be composted. Paper, card, and newspaper are also recycled, as are glass and many plastics and textiles.

Even building rubble can be reused in landscaping and new construction projects.

Recycling reduces the volume of raw materials and amount of power used to create new products, as well as guarding against the production of pollution when disposing of waste.

We aim to continue reducing the amount sent to landfill and incinerators as much as we possibly can. You can help us wherever possible by recycling the right waste items yourself.

All of our waste containers are available to hire for up to three weeks, unless you have been given permission for a longer hire period by our management team.

To arrange skip hire in Charnock Richard, simply book online or call our team. You can then specify the length of time for which you wish to hire a skip. Often, it is possible to request same day delivery.

If you require your skip to be removed before the date originally discussed during your booking, simply call our team and we will pick it up as soon as possible.

While collection is also often possible within just a few hours of receiving notification, we highly recommend that you give us a good amount of notice just in case we are experiencing a busy period, as we want to be able to facilitate as tight a turnaround as you require.



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Providing a wide range of Industrial, Domestic and Commercial Skips available to hire. Fill out the form below and get your free low cost skip hire quote within the same day.

Get Your Free Skip Hire Quotation Today?

Fill Out The Form Below

Providing a wide range of Industrial, Domestic and Commercial Skips available to hire. Fill out the form below and get your free low cost skip hire quote within the same day.