How to ensure secure skip hire in Wigan

How to ensure secure skip hire in Wigan

Looking for a quick, easy solution for getting rid of waste? What better way to do so than to hire a skip from us, here at Adlington Skips?

Specialising in skip hire Wigan, we supply domestic skips in a range of sizes for projects of all scales, whether it be a DIY project, renovation or new-build, and deliver them to driveways and roads across the northwest.

During the evening or in the winter, fly tippers tend to take advantage of skips and use them to illegally dump their waste, and although it’s not your fault, you are still held responsible for the contents found inside the skip.

Fly tippers don’t only use up valuable storage space – they can dispose of hazardous materials that are prohibited from our domestic skips too.

Here’s how to make your skip hire in Wigan secure:

  1. Store the skip off the road

Not everyone has access to a driveway and this is something that we understand at Adlington Skips. We deliver our skips to a location of your choice – be it your drive or garden or even the road in front of your property.

Placing your skip off the road will make a fly tippers job difficult but there are other alternatives if your skip has to be left on the road overnight.


  1. Keep the skip well-covered

For skips not left on private property, there are several things you can do to keep it safe and secure – covering it up is just one of them.

A cover will provide a physical barrier that offers protection against all weather conditions and will also stop fly tippers hiding hazardous materials inside it.


  1. Arrange prompt skip collection

At Adlington Skips, our skip hire Wigan services include skip delivery and collection – making it more convenient for you. As soon as your skip is full, let us know and we can schedule collection for a time that suits you best, meaning you needn’t worry about leaving your skip on your drive or on the road for longer than it needs to be.


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The team at Adlington Skips know the ins and outs when it comes to skip hire in Wigan – guaranteeing a professional, cost-efficient solution for everyone.

If you need any help making your Wigan skip hire secure, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01257 474 747 today and we will gladly guide and advise you.

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