9 Ways to keep your skip hire costs low

9 Ways to keep your skip hire costs low

If you’re looking to make the most of your skip hire, you’re in capable hands with Adlington Skips. We can help to reduce the cost of skip hire – allowing you to save money.

Whether you’re moving to a new house, spring cleaning or simply looking to rid yourself of clutter, skip hire Chorley is a cost-effective way to do so. Hiring one of our skips will allow you to dispose of waste as soon as it’s generated.

Here’s how to keep your skip hire costs down:

  1. Book in advance

To ensure that you secure the best deal, book skip hire Chorley in plenty of time. If you’re to pick the right sized skip, you need to leave yourself enough time, otherwise, you’ll have a limited selection to choose from.

We suggest planning ahead and booking a skip 2 weeks before you need it – at least then you needn’t worry about storing your waste reliably!

  1. Be clear on how long you need the skip for

Some skip hire companies offer unlimited hire periods which seems like a great idea at first, but companies who offer unlimited skip hire Chorley usually price their services higher and charge a premium for the skip to sit on your driveway.

To reduce the cost of skip hire, only hire it for the duration of your project. It’s better to hire it for a few days and have the rubbish ready to throw in it.

  1. Be mindful of your neighbours

At Adlington Skips, we deliver our skips on the back of reliable fleets and they can be left on your driveway to make it easier for you to throw out unwanted items.

If you don’t have access to a driveway, we can leave skips on the road in front of your property, however, a permit will be required. The cost of the permit is included in the markup price of skip hire Bolton and can be obtained from the local council.

Hiring a skip shouldn’t cause a disturbance for you or your neighbours, so make sure that you don’t restrict access to properties or manhole covers.

  1. Know how much space is needed

If you’re new to skip hire Bolton, Adlington Skips can help you to find a skip which provides you with enough space to store waste. We can help you to choose the right size skip for your project to ensure that you benefit from efficient skip hire Bolton.

Projects that generate a small to moderate amount of waste don’t need an industrial skip where complete renovations do. Although smaller skips cost less than the larger ones, don’t underestimate the amount of space required.

  1. Donate and recycle as much as possible

Recycling waste will instantly reduce skip size because you’ll have more space to store waste. Keeping recyclable materials separate will allow you to fit more in and free up space to minimise your skip hire Leyland costs.

Think about what materials you need to dispose of and separate what can and cannot be recycled. If items are non-recyclable, ask yourself whether they can be donated? Donating items that are still in great condition is a great way to minimise the cost of your skip hire Leyland –allowing you to order a smaller, more affordable skip.

  1. Spread the cost of skip hire

If you’re considering skip hire Leyland, it may work out more convenient for you to hire with your neighbours and split the cost. Not only will this make it more affordable for you to dispose of waste, it will provide less disruption and ensure space inside the container is utilised effectively.

  1. Make the most of available space

Carefully loading the skip with waste will make it easier for you to fit more in- lowering the cost of your skip hire Preston. Remember to dismantle everything and break down large, bulky items that can take up lots of space.

  1. Consider skip hire restrictions

Not everything can be thrown in the skips that we provide for skip hire Preston; therefore, you need to think about what materials your project will generate. Some items are either too expensive to dispose of or require special disposal.

Avoid throwing hazardous waste in skips. Asbestos, flammables, chemicals, electricals and explosives are all items that need to be kept out of your skip, as well as paint, solvents, tyres, gas cylinders and fluorescent tubes.

  1. Don’t exceed weight restrictions

Skip hire Wigan can save you time, effort and money but you need to make sure that you don’t overload the skip with waste. Our skips are designed to store waste safely and reliably – they shouldn’t have waste spilling out over the sides.

The domestic skips have a lower capacity than the commercial and industrial skips, so before you order one, take into consideration the weight of the materials that you expect your project to produce.

If your skip exceeds weight restrictions when we collect it from your premises, you will incur an extra charge for not complying with stringent regulations- making your skip hire Wigan expensive.

To keep your costs down, discuss your project requirements in further detail by calling us on 01257 474 747 today.

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