Do’s and Don’ts to Domestic Skip Hire

Do’s and Don’ts to Domestic Skip Hire

Hiring a skip for your domestic project offers a complete range of advantages; could you benefit from one of the skips that we supply for skip hire in Chorley?

Identifying whether you need to hire a skip.

Whether it be for home improvements or construction projects, a skip from Adlington Skip Hire will reduce the strain on your wheelie bins and cut down the number of trips that you need to make to the local tip.

As well as this, domestic skip hire in Chorley, Bolton or Leyland will accommodate any waste that is generated whilst decorating your home or updating your garden. The skips that we provide for skip hire Chorley are also perfect if you’re moving to a new house; they can store any junk or unwanted materials that you no longer need, allowing you to move with ease.

What can go inside your skip?

Investing in skip hire Bolton will allow you to dispose of materials as of and when you need to. Instead of hoarding things and leaving them to collect dust, our domestic skips make it easier for you to get rid of things that you don’t want or need.

From bricks, wood and metal to old furniture and plants, domestic skip hire in Bolton is guaranteed to suit the requirements of any home renovation project!

Your skips can also be used for plastic and packaging waste not forgetting any other non-electricals. Although skip hire Bolton is offered as a convenient service, you don’t want to get too carried away… not everything can be disposed of inside a domestic skip.

What can’t be thrown in your skip?

Choosing skip hire in Leyland will allow you to store your waste professionally. There are certain materials that require special disposal, and these will need to be kept separate from the waste inside your skip.

An example of the items that shouldn’t be thrown in any of the skips that we provide for skip hire in Leyland include the following:

  • Fridges and Freezers
  • Gas Cylinders and Bottles
  • Batteries
  • Plasterboard
  • Mattresses
  • Paints
  • Solvents
  • Tyres
  • Oil, Petrol, Diesel
  • White Goods
  • TV’s

Order in Advance.

Try to avoid last minute arrangements for your skip hire Leyland. Here at Adlington Skip Hire, we accommodate all requests, making sure that skips are delivered on time, every time.

To avoid disappointment, we suggest booking your skip hire (whether it be in Leyland, Preston or Wigan) in plenty of time, at least then you have the choice of skips- rather than what’s left over. When choosing a skip size, be sure to think about the waste that will be stored inside. By identifying what material your skip will hold, you can determine which skip size will accommodate the volume and type of waste that your project generates.

Choose a skip size.

We supply an extensive range of skips for skip hire Preston- making it inevitable for you to find a suitable solution for your domestic project. With 4-yard mini skips that offer much more space than a standard wheelie bin and 6-yard builders skips that are ideal for hardcore and heavy materials, Adlington Skips are confident that you’ll discover an appropriate solution for disposing of your waste carefully.

The 8-yard maxi skips are yet another example of the domestic skips that we have available for skip hire Preston.

If you’re looking for something with more space, our domestic skips are available up to 16-cubic yards. These domestic skips are suitable for storing large, light materials reliably, making sure that your skip can still be lifted onto the back of our fleets.

When choosing a skip for your project, aim to order one that’s slightly bigger than you need- at least then you needn’t worry about overfilling your skip.

Don’t restrict access.

Deciding where to leave your skip needn’t be difficult or time-consuming. Think about the space that you have available surrounding your property; can you store your skip on your driveway? Perhaps you’d prefer for it to be kept on the road overnight?

Whether it be skip hire Preston or skip hire in Wigan, skips that are stored on the road will require a permit and the costs for these permits vary depending on the local authority and the duration of your skip hire Wigan or Preston!

Make sure that your skip is located somewhere safe and easily accessible for our fleets to deliver and collect from your property. When you place your skip, we aim not to restrict utility access, making sure that manhole covers and drains aren’t blocked. Consider whether our fleets will be able to manoeuvre safely.

Safety Measures.

Other than a skip hire permit, there are countless other safety measures that need to be made if you’re to get more out of your skip hire in Wigan.

Cones and lighting are a must if your skip is to be stored on the highway, alerting pedestrians and car users to the presence of your skip. As well as this, reflective markers are essential in periods of darkness.

Not only does overfilling your skip make it look unsightly, it can also make your skip difficult to transport to the recycling centre, once it’s full. Only fill your skip to the maximum fill level- don’t be tempted to exceed the marker that’s indicated on the side of your skip!

If your skip is overfilled, our fleet drivers can refuse to transport it because it’s not safe to do so, making your skip hire expensive because you’ll either need to pay to have the excess collected or hire a new skip to accommodate this waste.

Be sure to use our handy tips to ensure that you meet stringent skip laws today; we are always on hand to provide you with any extra advice or support that you require, so feel free to contact us!

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